Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This little square dish I made for my oldest daughter. "Mister Dog" was one of her favorite books as a little girl. Its all ground glass frit except the "goldenbook binding" which is copper "liquid glass" with black frit on top.

I made three of these "fairy garden" plates. the first one I made was meant to be an underwater scene but somehow it got away from me and seemed more jungle like. It has little curvy strips of glass cut out as well as lots of liquid glass and glass frit.

This plate was made for Melody also. It also got an ominous bubble in the middle. I think that's now three plates ruined with over firing bubbles.

This plate was made for my daughter's sixth grade teacher. It was blue glass for the base and then I cut out pieces and layered them on some parts are three layers thick. I decided not to fuse this to a "full fuse" so it would have some texture/layered effect. Unfortunately I don't think she liked it...but she said her mother loved it.

This plate was for a friend "Turtle" who collects turtles. this is also glass frit with liquid glass for outline of the shell.


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Deb H said...

I think you sould just say they plated with bubbles in the center are perfect for deviled eggs, or a ring of jello, or a bundt cake!


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